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The Mexican government denied permission for the Cabo Cortes and Los Pericues projects, but it is still not clear if they will protect the fragile marine biodiversity of Cabo Pulmo National Park for a third time.  The Cabo Dorado project is under consideration right now despite its obvious negative effects on the park, including water pollution, sediment transfer, and shifting ocean currents from building seawalls.  The drawdowns on the Santiago aquifer are estimated to result in overexploitation in just a few years.

Cabo Dorado tourism project by the numbers:

  • 3,770 hectares (9,315 acres)
  • 6,141 residences (multi-family and single family)
  • 3,980 hotel rooms
  • 2 golf courses and 1 practice area
  • 1 airstrip
  • 1 14-kilometer aqueduct
  • 18,000 employees (with a 1:12 ratio of formal: informal employees, this implies a city of 216,000 residents)
  • li>4.5 million cubic meters of water extracted from the Santiago aquifer every year (the equivalent of a city of 82,000 people)

Cabo Pulmo National Park by the numbers:

  • 20,000 year old coral reef
  • 5 species of sharks migrate through the park’s waters
  • at least 227 species of marine life
  • marine biomass increased over 400% between 1999-2009
  • 5 species of sea turtles (out of seven globally) nest and feed here
  • almost 600 species of plants and animals discovered near the Cabo Dorado project boundary (not inside the park boundary), including 41 on the endangered species list

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